The best camping stoves and grills

windproof camping stove

windproof camping stove

Camping stoves and grills come in many variations, begging the question of “which one do I choose?” Today, I introduce the top 5 best outdoor stoves and grills.


1. Etekcity E - gear Portable Collapsible, Windproof Outdoor Gas Camping Stove

Price: $20.00

Etekcity is a favourite among fellow campers for their quality products at an affordable price. The E - gear Portable gas camping stove is their most popular item with an overall 5 star rating.

This stove made of quality stainless steel (making it waterproof), lightweight and compatible with most fuel canisters. It is also constructed with a very durable fuel hose.

My favourite feature of this camping stove is that its easy to store with folding blades/adjustable feet, and so easy to set up. Trying it out for the first time, I discovered that it allows excellent heat control and is very efficient in terms of keeping the heat. The metal vanes on the stove also protect the flame from wind when you adjust to the right size.

Etekcity’s stove is able to fit most pots and pans and works exactly as you need it to. Compact and lightweight, this is at the top of my list.


2. Coleman Camping Stove

Price: $50.00

If you love going on family camping trips like me, this is your go - to camping stove. With 2 adjustable burners, you can cook a meal quickly and easily.

The Coleman camping stove is very well designed and looks after important details. It has wind blocking panels to protect the flame and you can control the heat of both burners individually. The burners total up to 20000 total BTUs of cooking power. The unit is really easy to clean which is great for camping. The only issue I had with this stove was that it burns out very easily on low heat. It doesnt come with an inbuilt ignite so you have to remember to buy a lighter.

Coleman is a well - known and trustworthy brand. I have gotten a lot of use out of it, and it’s made to be durable.


3. Ohuhu Potable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Camping Stove

Price: $21.99

Made of a fine stainless steel, this camping stove is durable, lightweight and extremely easy to carry in your backpack. It’s different from other stoves, as it doesn’t use a canister as fuel. Instead, it uses either alcohol or firewood to cook. This means that it’s environmentally friendly and doesnt produce chemical emissions. You can also use a range of twigs, leaves and other materials to get it going.

My favourite feature of this stove is the simple and efficient design. It has 3 arms to support and stabilize the pot/pan and cooks food evenly. It also comes with a mesh bag for easy storage. This is my favourite product to take on hiking trips as it barely takes up any space and works so well.


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